Balanced Nutrition, Cultural Foods, and more with Tamar Samuels, RD


December 5, 2021

CW: mention of specific numbers related to weight loss.

In this episode, Tamar and I talk about why she chose to become a dietitian, about a balanced approach to nutrition, and helping clients to move towards their goals and values in a healthy way.

Tamar Samuels, MS, RD, CDN, is the co-founder of Culina Health, a leading nutrition expert, and registered dietitian.

Her unique and holistic approach to health integrates functional medicine, positive psychology, and behavioral change techniques pulled from her training in clinical nutrition and coaching science. She’s helped countless people transform their relationship with food and their health to overcome a variety of health conditions.

Tamar has her undergraduate degree in psychology from Hunter College and her master’s degree in clinical nutrition from New York University. She provides science-based nutrition expertise through a variety of media outlets including online publications, speaking engagements, and video appearances. Well + Good named her one of the top holistic nutritionists in New York City.

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