Postpartum Body Image, Mental Health, and “Bouncing Back” with Dr. Veronica Eyo


December 5, 2021

* apologies for the little glitches this time — I’m not sure how that happened but, I hope you’ll listen through! In this episode, Mimi talks with Dr. Veronica Eyo about motherhood and “bouncing back.” Dr. Veronica Eyo, a Bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is passionate about helping mamas, new and seasoned, navigate the challenges of parenthood. She transitioned her practice into primarily working with mothers after becoming one. Some of the experiences that Dr. Eyo navigated especially in the beginning, led her to seek specialized training in working with moms but especially with mamas of color. Supporting mamas through various walks of life is one of Dr. Eyo’s guiding posts and influenced even her dissertation where she researched the factors that influence the success of student mothers in higher education institutions.

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