Spiritual Abuse, Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, and Power Dynamics with Kayla Felten, LISW


December 5, 2021

Note: Mimi learned about supremacy culture from Andréa Ranae. In this episode, Mimi and Kayla talk about supremacy culture, power inventories and dynamics, and psychedelic assisted therapy. Kayla Felten, MSW, LICSW (she/her) is a twin cities based psychedelic assisted psychotherapist as well as the co-founder of the Reclamation Collective. She grew up in the Chicagoland suburbs in a faith context called the Plymouth Brethren. While childhood was peaceful and she had a strong sense of safety and security, Kayla felt entirely unprepared for the mental, relational, and spiritual pain that her deconstruction journey inspired in young adulthood. From identifying that her body belongs to her, to grieving the loss of ‘beloved community,’ Kayla found her greatest supports on her Reclamation journey to be travel, dance, and therapy. Kayla now works as a Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist with the Institute for Integrative Therapies (iit-mn.com) in St. Paul, MN while also facilitating virtual support groups and workshops through the Reclamation Collective.

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