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June 21, 2022

A Culture of Cages: Layers of Carcerality in Eating Disorder Treatment with Dr. Jennie Wang-Hall

Learn About:

  • Managed Care
  • Carceral and Anti-Carceral Care
  • How care is failing us and perpetuating blame

We also cover.. 

  • Trauma and Informed Consent in higher levels of care (HLOC) 
  • Eating disorder treatment contracts
  • Provider fears of liability in ED treatment
  • Mimi practices discomfort and communicating through it
  • Community care alternative to traditional treatment
  • Jennie answers the time-old question: is full recovery possible for everyone?

About Dr. Jennie Wang-Hall: Dr. Jennifer Wang-Hall is a licensed psychologist in California who has treated EDs at all levels of care since 2011. Working in various treatment centers and teams with differing approaches, Dr. Wang-Hall has trained in a multitude of approaches and has witnessed the utility and futility of various modalities. These experiences have led her to an eclectic and client centered lens that facilitates empowerment and agency in ED recovery. Core to Dr. Wang-Hall’s approach is attunement to systems of oppression that manifest in both the development and treatment of eating disorders. She integrates attention to ableism, white supremacy, misogyny, cis heterosexism, capitalism, and settler colonialism in her care of individuals from all backgrounds struggling with eating disorders. Currently in private practice, Dr. Wang-Hall offers individual and group therapies, live meal support, trainings and consultation for providers, and online social media education. She is passionate about accessible, compassionate care for all people struggling with food and body concerns.

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