CPTSD + BPD with Iris McAlpin

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August 8, 2022

Complex PTSD, quiet BPD, and Trauma-Informed Care with Iris McAlpin

Learn About:

  • The differences between CPTSD and BPD
  • How a trauma-informed approach changes everything from diagnosis to how we treat people with similar symptoms and traumatic experiences based on a label.

We also cover.. 

  • the realities of stigma and labels, pathologization of trauma
  • Aspects of NARM (the NeuroAffective Relational ModelTM)
  • How to reframe pathologizing diagnosis of BPD from stigma to trauma and understanding
  • Why self-compassion might feel really hard for trauma survivors
  • How to set boundaries around your own lived experience on Instagram
  • Expertise in the field vs openness to always learning and curiosity

About Iris McAlpin: Iris McAlpin is a certified trauma coach and NARM® Practitioner specializing in self-sabotage, eating disorder recovery and complex trauma. After struggling with bulimia, C-PTSD and depression for over a decade, Iris became determined to understand what was fueling her self-destructive behaviors and troubling symptoms. This eventually led her to an in-depth study of trauma, which resulted in a radical personal transformation. She now helps people all over the world overcome similar struggles through trauma-informed education, group programs and individual coaching.

Find Iris at:

IG: @irismcalpin

Website: www.irismcalpin.com


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