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Mimi is a therapist just outside of Nashville, TN. She is the founder of the Lovely Becoming and the hostess of the Lovely Becoming podcast. Mimi is the co-author of A Body Image Workbook for Every Body, an inclusive resource rooted in the role of trauma, the nervous system, and intersecting marginalized identities on healing and body image. Her work is informed by a feminist, compassionate, and attachment-based lens.

I am a therapist, author, speaker, and lover of words

Mimi Cole

My name is

I am also the host of the Lovely Becoming podcast.


I have spoken for various organizations such as the National Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness, the BIPOC Eating Disorders Conference, and on various podcasts.


- Meredith Williams

"I could listen to Mimi talk all day. She is a wealth of knowledge in all things mental health, OCD, and eating disorders. I admire her dedication to learning more, always. And her kind and gentle spirit are incredibly welcoming. I'd recommend this podcast to everyone."

- Sumner Brooks, MPH, RDN

"I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Beautifully and thoughtfully produced episodes - a fantastic mental health resource."

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