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Happy Day 1 of HAES 101 week!! We’re so glad that you’re joining us. We hope that this week’s content will encourage and empower you to think critically about how our culture views weight and food. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of concepts like “anti-diet” and “weight-inclusive.” Don’t worry if these things don’t […]

HAES ® Approach Vocabulary Guide

Disordered Eating

Think back to the idea and connotations of therapy in previous generations. Does Freudian psychoanalysis come to mind? Suppression of emotions and a sense of grit-and-bear it? Maybe you think of broken familial structures and questions about the id and the ego, or how it all comes back to childhood and our desires? Therapy has […]

Bridging the Gap: From Old Therapy to the Humanization of Therapists