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In this episode, Mimi talks with co-author of “More Than A Body”, Dr. Lindsay Kite about body image resiliency, media literacy, favorite foods and more. Dr. Lindsay Kite is co-author of the book More Than a Body: Your Body Is an Instrument, Not an Ornament (2020, HarperCollins) and co-director of the nonprofit Beauty Redefined, alongside […]

Body Image Resilience and Media Literacy with Lindsay Kite, PhD


Welcome to Day 2 of HAES® Week! Yesterday we learned about diet culture and associated terms. Today we’re going to introduce a movement that’s at the forefront of pushing back against diet culture in the sphere of healthcare. Some quick background on the Health at Every Size movement … amidst growing evidence suggesting that intentional […]

HAES® Approach Principles

Disordered Eating

Was I ever really even sick? This is a question that pops up in my mind a whole lot, especially when I have been doing so very well. I recently went to the grocery store, and picked out all the things I wanted to have this week. Lemon cookies, spaghetti, rice krispies cereal. I remembered […]

My Eating Disorder Story

Disordered Eating