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The Lovely Becoming is a podcast about therapy and unlearning, diet culture and intuitive eating, and anxiety disorders. On the podcast, we will talk about a variety of topics ranging from faith transitions to eating disorder recovery to the polyvagal theory. You will learn new theories that are helping millions of people heal as they become. You will hear from unique voices of therapists, dietitians, social workers, and other mental health professionals alongside your host and therapist in training, Mimi Cole. 

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I'm so glad to have you on: I have sent you an email with the questions I plan to ask you. In turn, will you send me a photo and your bio?

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Headphones can really help to produce a quiet environment. Most importantly, make sure there is no background noise and no distractions.


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YOU'LL TEACH ON THE TOPIC. This is your chance to share your expertise with carefully crafter questions from Mimi. We will engage in a conversation between 30 and 60 minutes for the listeners.


YOU'LL TELL US ABOUT YOU. After we have hopped on the phone and I have started the interview, I will ask you what you do, what you love, etc. 


WE'LL CHAT BEFORE WE HIT RECORD. We won't be hopping right into the interview. I'll answer any of your questions and we can go over our topic before we start!


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