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I guarantee you that part of you that you keep hidden—the truth about who you love, the ways you punish yourself even though you are in pain, the longing to be believed, and seen, and understood—these parts are welcome and loved.

You are not alone.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to stop hating your body and actually feel like you could show up authentically?

Have you ever had intrusive thoughts that you felt too ashamed to share with anyone, worrying there is something wrong with you?

Have you felt like you are too much and not enough at the same time?

I have spoken for organizations and podcasts across the country on the topics of anorexia in all-sized bodies, obsessive-compulsive disorder and intrusive thoughts, and body image acceptance. I am the co-author of A Body Image Workbook For Every Body, and the face behind the Lovely Becoming (podcast and IG community). I speak about my own lived experiences in therapy and work to bring awareness to marginalized voices within mental health spaces.

I am a writer, speaker, therapist, and advocate. I am also someone who cares deeply about naming experiences for and with others, holding space for others, and continually unlearning and becoming. 

My name is

It would be a joy to work with you as a speaker at your conference/event, a host of a workshop, a contributor to articles as someone well-versed in the research around eating disorders, and more.

Speaking + Writing

"What if pain – like love – is just a place brave people visit?"

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- Glennon Doyle

"What if pain —like love— is just a place brave people visit?"

- Meredith Williams

"I could listen to Mimi talk all day. She is a wealth of knowledge in all things mental health, OCD, and eating disorders. I admire her dedication to learning more, always. And her kind and gentle spirit are incredibly welcoming. I'd recommend this podcast to everyone."

- Sumner Brooks, MPH, RDN

"I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Beautifully and thoughtfully produced episodes - a fantastic mental health resource."

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